HiWi Position: Analysis of MRI images for speech
A student assistant position on speech production modelling is open at the Clinic for Phoniatrics, Pedaudiology and Communication Disorders (https://www.ukaachen.de/kliniken-institute/klinik-fuer-phoniatrie-paedaudiologie-und-kommunikationsstoerungen/klinik.html) of the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen.
The job:
The candidate will be integrated in the research team of the clinic. The related line of research consists in building anatomical models of the vocal tract for speech production from MRI images. This leads to a various range of applications, from medical support to multimedia. The candidate will more specifically be involved in the various phases of a research project focusing on the characterisation of the vocal tract articulations from medical images for patients suffering from dysarthria.
The tasks of the candidate will consist in assisting the research team: MRI image recording, image processing and segmentation, ethic documentation, data analysis by means of modelling, reporting, etc.
The working environment will be highly multidisciplinary in collaboration with speech engineers, MRI physicists, image processing researchers and medical doctors.

The person:
The candidate is expected to study in the field of computer science, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, engineering, mathematics or a similar field. Knowledge of signal and image processing, speech processing, statistical analysis and computer graphics are a significant plus. Good programming knowledge in Matlab or similar environment is desirable. Working language will be either German or English, but good understanding of English and excellent/native writing skills in German are necessary.

The candidate is expected to work between 8 and 19 hours per week, to be negotiated. A short trial period will be considered, after which employment will be considered on a longer term basis to be negotiated. A start is envisaged in February 2018, to be negotiated.
Please send a CV to Dr. Antoine Serrurier (aserrurier@ukaachen.de).
Additional documents (cover letter, grades, recommendation letters, etc.) supporting the application are welcome.

Dr. Antoine Serrurier, Senior Scientist
Clinic for Phoniatrics, Pedaudiology and Communication Disorders
Uniklinik RWTH Aachen
Tel: +49 241 80 88956
Email: aserrurier@ukaachen.de
Web: http://antoine.serrurier.free.fr

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