Apartment hunting

What am I looking for?

Besides the choice of neighbourhood, you have to decide on your type of habitation. One fundamental choice is between living alone and living in a community (sharing a flat, "Wohnduo", dormitories, fraterneties).

Living in a community usually is connected to certain duties, tasks and responsibilities. Also, some rooms are usually shared. This often has a positive effect on your rent. These savings are "paid for" by your commitment and your time. Toleration certainly is crucial. Living together can have many advatages, if nothing else it helps making social contacts.
Social student residencies 
If you want to live at cheap prices and have a certain amount of tolerance, you should think about living in the social student residencies.
In Aachen, there are different provider. Most places are offered by the Studentenwerk Aachen. Other well-known provider are the KHG (catholic university community) as well as the ESG (Protestant student community). Those offer small rooms as well as shared flats and apartments for families. In most of the buildings, you have to share the kitchen and the sanitary arey with other people. Information about all the buildings can be found on the Internet, so it's a good idea to take a look at location and furniture before. The places are contributed via various procedures, e.g. wait lists or interviews. 
Besides the cheap living space there are some more advantages of the houses: Most of them offer a delivery services for beverages, washing machines and so on.
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