The AStA

The students' union executive committee

Dear students, 

the students' union executive committee (AStA) is the university-wide representation of students' interests at RWTH. It is elected annually by the student parliament.
Its tasks consist of the university-political representation of the students to the university, the land and the public, of the administration of the student body's finances, of counceling in various social and student topics, of the organization of a cultural program and in political education. To reach these aims, AStA cooperates with many other student groups and organizations, such as the student unions, the equality office, the student senators, the representatives of the foreign students or the numerous student organizations and clubs.

There is always a lot to do in AStA which is why numerous students and some employees work there. To organize this work effectively and efficiently, AStA is composed of separate departments with certain fields of activity. Each department is led accountably and independently by their respective head who are in turn supported by project managers.

AStA altogether is represented by the chairman of AStA, who also gives guidelines for the activities of the departments.

The following pages will give you an understanding of the departments with their heads and their project managers.

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