Exam regulations

University exams are taken based on the exam regulations, statutes subject to the requirements made by laws, fundamental rights and case-law. Exam regulations also determine which exams must be taken, their type and duration, as well as the possibilities to registering and deregistering, and possibilities of repeating them.

First, it is important that you have read the exam regulations which apply to you/your major. You can find the most recent version of your applicable exam regulations in the official announcements of the RWTH. As exam regulations are changed in certain intervals, you should also look out for changes published for these regulations.

Exam regulations listed in the official announcements of the RWTH Aachen University.

General exam regulations (Übergreifende Prüfungsordnung/ÜPO)

The general exam regulations were adopted by the RWTH to make the conditions of students from different faculties comparable. You can find more information on the ÜPO below.


Translated version of the ÜPO