BAföG (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz) is a government-funded financial support for pupils, trainees and students. It should cover the basic requirements as well as the rent and the health insurance. It is with a few exceptions an aid depending on the financial situation of your parents refering to their earnings.The application for BAföG has to be made at the agency for BAföG of the student union Aachen. The AStA offers an advisory sercice about BAföG, the filing of application or special questions and problems for all students.

Our BAföG advisory service offers you information about BAföG.

The advice can help you in nearly every situation you can be confronted with during your studies concerning BAföG.

  • filing of application

  • changing the field of study

  • changing the university

  • staying abroad

  • financing the final degree

  • problems with BAföG

We are pleased to help you, the advisory service will be in confidence.

We do not make definite appointments, there is normally no time of waiting.


The most important forms for the filing of application you can find here

15.12.2012 | 18:13 | Onur Ögül
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