Our Corona FAQ is addressed to all students of the RWTH and is intended to summarize the most important information and special regulations at our university with regard to the current pandemic. We try to update the FAQ regularly to keep you up to date. If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to contact corona@asta.rwth-aachen.de at any time.
(Last update: 1.09.2021)

Exams in the examination phase summer semester 2021

Written and oral examinations in presence

In the examination phase of the summer semester 2021, written and oral exams can generally take place in presence.

The university recommends that written examinations be conducted as distance examinations. Oral examinations can also be held as Zoom conferences in the rooms of the Institute.

If you have doubts about an oral exam in presence and would rather take it digitally, please contact your chair as soon as possible. A digital alternative solution will then be created.
Also for written exams in presence applies that in case of valid reasons (e.g. quarantine, positive test, entry restrictions, risk group) a digital alternative should be created. So if you cannot take an exam in presence, please contact the corresponding chair!

Remote exams

Prior to taking a distance learning exam, a consent form must be completed and submitted to the chair by the deadline during the 2021 summer semester. In principle, the deadline for submission may not be more than 5 days before the exam. However, in any case, inform yourself early about the deadline at your exam! Templates for the consent form can be found on the CLS website.

Remote exams take place via temp-Moodle and Dynexite. All important information about temp-Moodle can be found at asta.ac/temp. For questions about Dynexite, contact info@medien.rwth-aachen.de.

Adherence to schedules and planning reliability

It is the university’s stated goal that examinations take place on the specified dates in the summer semester. Increasing cases are to be responded to with a change to a digital format, which all lecturers must prepare for exams scheduled in presence.

Should you still hear about postponements of individual exams, it is best to contact your student council directly so that they can address the problem with the chair.

If, contrary to expectations, there are postponements, you still have the possibility to apply for a hardship case.

Cheating attempts, disconnections and other problems during exams

The multitude of different and still new scenarios mean that, unfortunately, it is often not possible to make a blanket statement about problems with remote examinations and exams in the pandemic, but rather the individual case must be considered. Nevertheless, we list some overarching facts here:

  • Restroom visits may not be prohibited during a remote audit.
  • If maximum time windows for toilet visits are specified, these must be proportionate (esp. in the case of health impairments) and exceeding them is not considered an attempt to cheat.
  • A disconnection/failure of the image is generally not sufficient for the assumption of a cheating attempt. In such a case, however, the exam can be cancelled or graded with 5.0, in which case the free attempt rule applies.
  • If you are accused of attempted cheating, the decision on the attempted cheating is made by the examination board and not by the examiner. Before this decision you will be given the opportunity to make a response.
  • If your exam was canceled due to a suspected attempt to cheat, even though there was none, you have to be offered an exam in the form of a written or oral exam in a timely manner.

A detailed overview of the applicable regulations in teaching is provided in the consolidated handout Teaching. Further information on attempted cheating can be found in the leaflet Täuschungsversuche in Klausuren.

f you encounter problems during the examination phase that you cannot solve yourself, please contact your student council or our teaching team at pruefungsrecht@asta.rwth-aachen.de. 


Financial situation and BAföG

The extension of the standard period of study for students who were enrolled at RWTH in the summer semester 20 means that the BAföG entitlement will also be extended by one semester. However, this only applies to those whose funding entitlement did not expire until after the current semester. More information can be found at Studierendenwerk Aachen, which is also happy to receive feedback.

More information on the topic of study financing during the Corona crisis can be found here.

Digital Learning

A comprehensive “how-to” and privacy rules digital teaching and testing has been published by the team at CLS here.



Consultations are to be held in digital form. If this is not possible, inspection can also take place in presence under hygiene regulations. If it is not possible for you to participate in an inspection in presence, the chair must offer a general alternative date or an electronic inspection.

If you encounter problems with insights, contact your student council or our teaching team at pruefungsrecht@asta.rwth-aachen.de.


Participation in internships is subject to mandatory testing if the incidence exceeds 35 in the Aachen city region or NRW (incidence level 1).

The RWTH has no influence on external company or industrial internships. Please clarify with your internship supervisor whether and to what extent you can extend or continue your internship.

For experimental theses that require attendance, discuss options with supervisors.

Compensation for disadvantages Risk group

Belonging to a risk group has been added to the list for possible disadvantage compensation. In this case, an application to the examination board is required and the decision will be made by the board. Those who need help with the application or have other current health difficulties in their studies (e.g. difficulties with the digital solution) can contact VORSCHUB at vorschub@asta.rwth-aachen.de.

 The 6 important points

  • Written and oral examinations in presence are possible in principle. If you cannot take part in a presence examination for valid reasons, please contact the examining chair!
  • From an incidence of more than 35 in the Aachen city region or NRW, testing is mandatory for courses and examinations in closed rooms.
  • A consent form must be completed and submitted to the appropriate department chair by the deadline in the 2021 summer semester in order to take a distance learning exam.
  • The free attempt regulation will also apply in the summer semester 2021. Failed examinations that have been taken will not be counted as failed attempts.
  • No matter what happens to you in connection with Corona, document everything! Have everything that was discussed or recommended on the phone given to you in writing so that you can prove exactly what happened afterwards.
  • Stay informed. Both the AStA and the RWTH continue to provide information via their social media channels and websites. Further down on the website you will also find a collection of further links.

Offers and facilities at the RWTH

Masks are mandatory in all buildings of the RWTH.

As soon as you show symptoms of a coronavirus disease, you are absolutely forbidden to enter all buildings of the RWTH.


In consultation with the University Medical Center, it was decided to extend the vaccination offer to all individuals born on or before July 30, 2005. Those in the previous age groups will, of course, remain eligible to book. The booking portal can be found via this link. For booking, employees need their personnel number. Students need their matriculation number.

In the meantime, it is also possible to book individual appointments for people who are recovering, for example. The booking tool for individual appointments is available under this link.
Information in case of difficulties or more detailed information about the university medical facilities can be found here:

Consultation hours and advice

Counseling services at RWTH and other institutions are only available by phone or mail due to the pandemic.

Here you can find some links to the individual office hours

AStA : Overview of the individual consultations and consultation times

Dormitory administration: Overview of contact possibilities and consulting hours

Office for the Support of Education (Bafög): Overview of contact possibilities and consulting hours

IT-Center – Infopoint and Servicedesk: A large FAQ as well as contact options

In justified individual cases, appointments can be made for a personal consultation.

Learning rooms

Currently, Semi 90, SemiTemp the University Library, Mogam, C.A.R.L. and the Medical Library in the UKA are open as study rooms. With the exception of the Medical Library, two slots are available for booking every day. We will inform you about further openings.

The range of open learning spaces can be found here.


For students who live in dormitories of the Studierendenwerk, there are now exceptions that are intended to relieve students in the event of a terminated employment relationship. These include the possibility of immediate termination or a rent deferral. All information can be found here.

Canteens of the Studierendenwerk

The Mensa Academica  is open on weekdays from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a limited menu. As in previous months, only students and employees from the four universities in Aachen who can prove their university affiliation are entitled to enter.
In order to avoid large crowds, all guests are asked to take advantage of the offer only in case of real need.
The seating area in the Mensa Academica will be opened between 11:30 am and 3 pm.

The Studierendenwerk Infopoint, Pontwall 3, will be open daily between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. for students However, we ask that you only visit it in urgent cases.

The Studierendenwerk provides information here about the current regulations and opening hours of the individual canteens.

Where can i get more information?

Here the RWTH informs about all measures and information.

The RWTH has also set up a hotline for urgent questions about jobs, studies and teaching. It can be reached Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 16 o’clock under the telephone number +49 241 80 90810 or by e-mail to hotline@zhv.rwth-aachen.de.

Please note that no medical consultation can take place at this number. Instead, you can contact the GP on-call services via the hotline 116117 and the health department responsible for you.

For citizens of the city of Aachen and the StädteRegion Aachen, an additional Corona-Info-Hotline has been set up for general information (also not for personal medical advice) on the subject in addition to 115 on +49 241 510051 (also on weekends from 7 am to 9 pm).

The NRW Health Ministry has also set up a hotline on the corona virus on +49 211 855 47 74.

The authorities expressly request that the emergency numbers 110 and 112 are not used unnecessarily.

University Sports

The sports operation, subscription operation and sports facility rental of the HSZ will be discontinued as of Monday, November 2. This affects all offers of the HSZ without exception. The Finnbahn track is closed.

However, the digital workouts will continue to be offered with a break and during the Christmas break there will be videos on demand. More information about the current situation can be found here. In addition to the sports program, the University Sports Center offers digital workouts.