Information about the timetable

With the semester ticket, you can travel free of charge on buses and trains (not ICE or IC) throughout NRW.

The semester ticket is valid for students of the RWTH. They can use the following public transport in South Limburg.

  • RE 18 Aachen – Maastricht
  • RS 18 Heerlen – Maastricht,
  • RS 15 Heerlen – Landgraaf und
  • RS 12 Maastricht – Maastricht-Randwijk.

The ticket is also valid on international bus routes:

  • 21 Aachen – Hoenbroek,
  • 27 Herzogenrath – Parkstad-Stadion,
  • 44 Aachen – Heerlen,
  • 350 Aachen – Maastricht,
  • 723 Übach-Palenberg – Mondo Verde,
  • and in all buses in the tariff zone 6600 Heerlen (City).

In addition to the semester ticket, a current certificate of study must be carried along for a trip.

New tariff offer for students from Belgium

Currently, your semester ticket not only covers the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia but also the Dutch Vaals and Kerkrade as well as the Belgian Kelmis. From 01 April 2019 you can use many buses and trains to and from South Limburg. Here is a schematic listing of the included lines by Arriva. Important: due to technical differences of the traffic, you have to show a certificate of study on Arriva lines – this is also sufficient electronically.