Foreigner Representation

Foreigner Representation

The Foreigner Representation ("Ausländer Vertretung") officially represents your intrests infront of the university. 

They help with questions like: 
- How do I organize a visa?
- Where can I register when I live in Aachen for longer than 3 months?
- Where can I get free legal advice?
- How do I get a healt insurance?
- Where can I find an accomodation?

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AusländerInnenvertretung (AV) der RWTH Aachen 
Humboldt Haus (TRAV Raum)
Pontstraße 41
52062 Aachen

Opening hours: Mo, Thue, Wedn,Fr  from 10:00 bis 12:00 h
05.12.2012 | 19:55 | jsc
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