Photos of past events

Pics or it didn’t happen! Here you can find a selection of photos of the respective events. Have fun browsing 🙂 For more and up-to-date impressions live from the events follow us on Instagram! Jazz-Slam 30.1.2020 {Photos: Aline Sylla|AStA} Hörsaal-Slam 13.12.2019 {Photos: Dirk Braun, Aline Sylla|AStA}

SAP 18.10.2019 {Photos: Dirk Braun, Phillip Hemmers|AStA}

Hörsaal-Slam 25.01.2018 (Photos: Aline Nüttgens|AStA) Jazz-Slam 12.01.2018 (Photos: Aline Nüttgens|AStA) Speeddrawing 13.12.2017 (Photos: Aline Nüttgens|AStA) Studierendenball 08.12.2017 (Photos: Alexander Mühlhausen | AStA) (Vor-)Lesung C. Leuchter 11.07.2017 (Photos: Miriam Gast | AStA) Lesung Henning Beck 6.07.2017 (Photos: Miriam Gast | AStA) Speeddrawing 31.05.2017 (Photos: Alexander Mühlhausen|AStA)