Wenzel Wittich

Wenzel is 27 years old and studying mechanical engineering. He's the current chairman of the AStA. In the past he's been working in the study association of mech. eng. and has been part of the Senate of RWTH Aachen and spokesperson of its student members.

As chairman he is the highest Representative of the student body. His job is to advocate its interests in the University, the City, the State and the public in general. This involves regular talks with university adminstration and the Rectorate of RWTH. Furthermore he coordinates the work within the AStA.

One of his current projects is to negotiate the adoption of an electronical Card for the semesterticket.
The general goal in his term is the support of student engagement and a higher visibility of the AStA within the student body.

Wenzel is interested in world wide political developments. Last year he has attended a semester abroad in Istanbul. During his free time he enjoys doings sports, like Ultimate Frisbee and Mountainbiking.
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