Corona stories

Write us your ” Corona story ” and what you have experienced during these times.

We would like to collect your experiences and share them with others in an anonymized video to create public awareness. Our goal is to draw attention to grievances, identify problems that have arisen or been exacerbated by the pandemic, and thus hopefully provide an impetus for a long-term improvement in the situation of students, even after the Corona pandemic.It our goal to move the focus of the discussions regarding students in this time of Corona away from the cliché “they only want to party”. Of course we all miss social contacts that arise during events and parties, but that’s not the whole story.
No matter how much you want to tell us, be it one sentence or several pages, no matter whether it’s about studying or about things that happen on the side. Lack of psychological counseling, lack of money and support, injustices, communication problems, everything that is bothering you during this time. In short: we are interested in your personal story.
The video is not directed at or against RWTH, but is intended to raise awareness about the situation of students among the general public and politicians. Please do not be afraid to express your opinions on any topic.

Tell us your story!

We explicitly do not ask for names, courses or further information, because we know that we are asking for very personal and vulnerable details, so we would like to offer you as protected a space as possible. We will have no way of tracing these answers back to you or contacting you in any way afterwards, nor do we intend to do so.

Our Department for Culture is responsible for the project.
For questions and remarks you can always contact