What are Fachschaften exactly?

The term “Fachschaft” is used to describe the entirety of all students enrolled in a specific department or specific subjects and courses of study. However, student councils are also an organ of student self-administration, which is responsible for the students of the respective department. Similar to the General Student Committee and the Student Parliament, which are the two most important bodies of student self-administration of the entire student body of the RWTH Aachen University, the Fachschaften also have the task of representing the interests of their members. The representatives in the student councils are elected at the student council general assembly. Currently there are 18 student councils. You can find an overview of all student councils on the homepage of the RWTH Aachen University at www.rwth-aachen.de/fachschaften. Furthermore, you will find a map of Aachen with the student councils marked at the bottom of the page. Furthermore, the contact details are also listed there.

On which topics do the Fachschaften give advise?

All 18 student councils offer advice on a wide range of topics for their members and for new students. Above all, they provide advice on specialist issues relating to the individual courses, as the members of the student councils themselves study these courses. As mentioned above, all members of the student councils are also students themselves. Therefore, they can also help with general topics that arise in connection with studies. They give advice from a student’s point of view and always have some tips for studying.


This map shows the locations of the Fachschaften and their contact details.