Department for Public Relations & Political Education

Michael Dappen

Hey, I’m Michel, 22 years old and I’m studying physics for my bachelor’s degree. At the moment I’m your public relations and political education officer.

In the area of public relations, I work with my team to present the AStA to the outside world. My team maintains the homepage and works on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, we work on various publications and deal with press inquiries.

In the area of political education, we try to facilitate current political debates at our university in various formats and offer students the opportunity to engage with a wide range of topics beyond their studies.

Project Managers

  • Lukas Hammerschick (pol. Bildung)
  • Sven Pollmann (pol. Bildung)
  • Antonia Leue (Erinnerungskultur)
  • Paul Sonnleitner (pol. Bildung)
  • Fynn Grünwald (Erinnerungskultur)
  • Antonia Görtz (pol. Bildung)
  • Colin Cole (pol. Bildung)
  • Laila Wegner (pol. Bildung)
  • Luan Shkurti (Kampagnen und Kommunikation)
  • Aysel Ömeroglu (Design)
  • Moritz Weber (Öffentlichkeitsarbeit)
  • Noëmi Preisler (Öffentlichkeitsarbeit)
  • Karl Hammer (Stabsstelle – Social Media)

Tel.: 0241 80-93792 (secretariat)

Name abbreviation for editorial contributions

The names of the authoring persons will be named with their abbreviations under the respective editorial articles in press releases and on the social media channels of the AStA.

mda, Michael Dappen

kh, Karl Hammer

lh, Lukas Hammerschick

ag, Antonia Görtz

ns, Niklas Schumacher

ls, Luan Shkurti

al, Antonia Leue

md, Matej Disoski

sp, Sven Pollmann

sh, Sönke Hebing

az, Ana Zhivkova

ol, Ole Lee

lsd, Lukas Schnelle

fg, Fynn Grünwald

mw, Moritz Weber

aoe, Aysel Ömeroglu

ps, Paul Sonnleitner

mb, Mareike Berkner

cc, Colin Cole

tj, Theresa Janning