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Here you can find our current articles from our department for political education. In addition to articles on the subject “On This Day in History”, you can find everything about political education here. If you have your own suggestions, comments or ideas for projects, please contact

World Nature Conservation Day

Today is World Nature Conservation Day! In the spirit of protecting natural habitats and resources, this day is dedicated to raising awareness about the environment. With projects such as the Sustainability Week, campus greening and the active commitment to more...

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On this day in history: Nummerus Clausus

Today, 49 years ago, the Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court's) "Numerus Clausus" ruling had a massive impact on the allocation procedure for student admission in Germany. In the years before the ruling, the number of people with university entrance...

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On this day in history: Abortion Act 1995

On June 29, 1995, exactly 26 years ago, the German Bundestag passed the new abortion law. Since that day, a woman who performs an abortion within the first three months of pregnancy remains unpunished. The conditions for this are that the abortion must be performed by...

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