For applications authenticated copies of certificates are often required. We can authenticate documents free of charge for RWTH students if they meet certain requirements.

Rules and requirements

You must bring the copies that you want to have authenticated yourself. The copies must be single-sided and readable. The copy must have the same format as the original.

The documents must be academic documents (diploma, internship certificate, language course certificate, …).

We are not allowed to certify personal status documents (identity cards, marriage certificates, birth certificates, police clearance certificates, …).

The certification must be addressed to a specific addressee. We only certify to public authorities and institutions (e.g. colleges, universities, district governments, state examination offices).

We must be able to understand the documents (German/English or with certified translation).

The documents should be brought loose to us.
(not stapled)

The sheets should not be too thick
(normal printing paper)

Please see the guidelines of the city of Aachen.

Authentication of other documents

If you cannot have your document authenticated by us because it does not meet the requirements, you can have it authenticated by the city of Aachen or other authorities.

Please contact if you have any further questions about certification.
You can also reach us during our opening hours at 0241-8093792.