Representative for student employees

Our tasks include among others:

  • the supervision as well as compliance with the applicable law in the selection and employment of student assistants,
  • to work towards appropriate working conditions,
  • the handling of complaints from data subjects, and
  • the provision of information material.

In addition to general advice, you will also receive help with any problems or questions you may have in connection with your work as a student assistant. One of the long-term goals is to work towards a staff council for the student assistants. For many students, working as a student assistant is the best way to combine study and work. It offers the possibility to gain first work experience already during their studies and to earn money on the side. This work is an employment relationship like any other and it is important to have a representative who takes up and represents the interests of the student employees. Most German universities do not yet have their own staff council for student employees. The Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz, the Hochschulzugangsgesetz and the Vertrag über gute Beschäftigungsbedingungen für das Hochschulpersonal apply, which the RWTH is obliged to fulfil.

Consultation hours

The advisory service is aimed at students who are employed as student or research assistants at RWTH Aachen University.

Counselling hours during the semester:

Mon. 12:30 – 14:00

Thu. Afternoons when required


Counselling hours outside the semester:

It is necessary to make an appointment in advance via e-mail.Telephone: 0241 – 8093792