Department for Education & University Communication

Jos Steverding

Hey, my name is Jos and I’m your Teaching & University Communication Officer. This means that I am responsible for all your concerns regarding teaching, learning and networking.

In the area of teaching, the department is responsible for topics such as quality assurance, exam planning and course evaluations. Since not only good teaching, but also good learning is elementary for the success of studies, we also take care of the design and introduction of learning spaces and give impulses for new concepts. In addition, our examination law advice service is the contact point for students if the student council cannot help with concerns or if legal advice is needed (we arrange this in sensible cases). 

In the course of university communication, we are committed to international and national networking with other universities in Germany and Europe. In doing so, we are in constant exchange with the other universities in order to be able to tackle large projects together and to gather inspiration for improvement at RWTH. But university communication also means that I am in close contact with student councils and individual initiatives and act as a mouthpiece for the university.

If you have any questions about my area of responsibility, if certain topics are particularly important to you, or if you simply want to find out more about the work of the Department for Teaching & University Communication, then simply get in touch with me at or simply come to the AStA.


Project Managers

  • Dominik Kubon (System accreditation and program evaluation)
  • Jasmine Morawietz (Advice department) 
  • Evelyn Petre (Consultation)
  • Jos Steverding (Office of Teaching)
  • Luca Chapelle (Consultation)
  • Ira Lenau (Networking)
  • Niloufar Badkoubeh (Networking)
  • Kira Nelles (System accreditation and program evaluation)
  • Magdalena Ingendoh (Digital teaching and RWTH App)
  • Lena Kertzscher (Student Council Communication and Retreat Planning)
  • Karina Unger (Teaching-FAQ and Examination Regulations)
  • Karl Kühne (General tasks)


Tel.: 0241 80-93792 (secretariat) E-Mail: