Get involved!

At RWTH there are many opportunities for involvement in volunteer work alongside your studies. The areas of involvement range from social and political to technical activities. By getting involved beyond your studies, you can not only meet new people, but also work on exciting projects and experience a lot.

Student initiatives

Student initiatives are groups of students who get involved for fellow students or a charitable cause outside of their studies. Examples of this involvement include cultural and athletic causes, theater performances and concerts, print media and radio broadcasts, student exchanges, or subject-specific continuing education. You can find an overview of student initiatives here.

Student Councils (Fachschaften) at the RWTH

The student councils (Fachschaften) are the student representatives in the individual faculties. Student councils advocate for you in the area of teaching at the faculty level and are often the first point of contact for many questions. In addition, the student councils organize the freshman orientation. You can find an overview of the student councils at RWTH Aachen University here.

AStA of the RWTH

The General Student Committee is the university-wide representation of students’ interests at RWTH. Its tasks consist of representing the students’ interests in higher education policy towards the university, the state and the public. In addition to managing the financial resources of the student body and providing advice on social and student issues, the AStA is also responsible for organizing a program of events and political education. An overview of the individual areas in the AStA can be found here.

Political lists and associations

If you want to get politically involved, you can contact the various political lists and associations around RWTH. Many political lists and associations participate in the student elections and are represented in the student parliament.

Volunteer work in Aachen

In Aachen you have many possibilities to do voluntary work. In addition, there are action days on the topic of volunteering and the Ehrenamtspass, which you can apply for. If you have questions about volunteering in Aachen, the office for volunteering of the city of Aachen is there for you. You can find more information about volunteering in Aachen at:

Overview of initiatives

Do you want to get to know more? Then take a look at our interactive initiative overview, where you can learn more about 75 initiatives.

Day of Student Initiatives (TdsI)

At the TdsI you can get to know initiatives from different areas and get in contact with them directly. The TDSI takes place once a semester.

Advice and support in the area of student engagement

Our department for student engagement offers you a wide range of support. No matter if you are looking for a suitable initiative, if you want to start an initiative yourself or if you have questions concerning your engagement. Just get in touch with us! We are there for you. You can find more information about our consulting services for initiatives here.

You can reach our engagement team via the email address: