Department for Social Affairs

Zekiye Kazan

Hello, I’m Zekiye, 35 years old and I’m studying political science in the master’s program. Since August I am your social affairs officer in the AStA.

I am your contact person when it comes to financing your studies or if you find yourself in financially difficult situations.
Furthermore, my team is there for you for all questions and problems concerning housing, BAföG, jobbing, and many more. You have problems in the area of tenancy law or general law? Contact us and we will arrange an appointment with the legal counsel.




  • Carla Angerhasuen (Psychosocial concerns of the students)

  • Fenja Gerhards (Jobbing and Health Insurance – Counselling)

  • Niclas Elsen (BAföG – Counselling)

  • Niklas Wöffen ( BAföG and Housing – Counselling/Staff position Counselling)

  • Zehra Ganidagli (Housing Counselling/Staff position Social Affairs)

  • Celine Leonartz (Social Affairs – General)

Telefon: 0241 80-93792 (Sekretariat)