Department for Culture

Liam Gagelmann 

Hello everyone, my name is Liam Morison Gagelmann and I am your new culture officer. I am in my third semester of a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management (FR Mechanical Engineering). As the culture officer, it is my task, together with my team of project leaders, to organize and implement cultural events of the AStA.

 Project Managers

    • Andreas Mimberg (Staff Office – Event Technology)
    • Marie-Theres Tschauner (Knowledge Management)
    • Niklas Schumacher (Event Security)
    • Louise Birr (BierTemp, GlühTemp)
    • Stephan Lindner (Graffiti, rental)
    • Sebastian Vogler (GlühTemp, Music made in Aachen)
    • Jonathan Wiemann (Rental and laptop rental)
    • Robin Hensler (Art exhibitions)
    • Niklas Duhr (PPK und Music made in Aachen)
    • Dirk Braun (Video production)
    • David Hall (Music events)
    • Clemens Wimmer

Tel.: 0241 80-93792 (secretariat)