Department for Culture

Leif Steinhagen


I’m Leif, I’m studying for a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and I’m your culture officer in the AStA.

My team of project leaders and I take care of offering you a diverse range of student culture. This includes small events like lecture hall slams, quizzes and the BierTemp, as well as the big events in the form of the Campus Festival in summer and the Semesteranfangsparty in October. We are always looking for new ideas for projects and events that can complement what we offer. So if you have any wishes or suggestions, I would be happy to talk to you or send me a message.

Until then, have fun at our events!

Project Managers

  • Lou Birr (BierTemp & GlühTemp)
  • Niklas Duhr (PowerPoint-Karaoke)
  • Liam Gagelmann (Music Made in Aachen)
  • Philipp Hahmann (student council networking)
  • David Hall (band communication)
  • Malte Käsemann (student council hopping)
  • Stephan Lindner (graffiti & rental) 
  • Andreas Mimberg (staff unit for event technology)
  • Christian Mimberg (major events)
  • Sebastian Vogler (BierTemp & GlühTemp)
  • Gina Weiss (drawing courses & student dance)
  • Clemens Wemmer (event technology)
  • Jonathan Wiemann (rental & notebook rental)
  • Julius Willich (general tasks)


phone: 0241 80-93792 (secretariat)