Department for Sustainability & student engagement

Theresa Janning

As the head of the deparment for Sustainability & student engagement it is my task to support the student associations and groups in the university, to organize the Eigenini-Academy and the Day of Student Initiatives, as well as to provide a pleasant student climate. A new addition is sustainability, where we in the AStA would like to initiate projects together with you students, the student associations and the RWTH to make the university and all our lives more sustainable and climate-friendly and thus contribute to climate protection.

Project Managers

    • Nils Barkawitz (stud. Engagement)
    • Natalie Hegemann (stud. Engagement)
    • Alicia Fuss (stud. Engagement)
    • Marcel Merkelbach (stud. Engagement)
    • Tim Krämer (stud. Engagement und Nachhaltigkeit)
    • Simon Klich (stud. Engagement und Nachhaltigkeit)
    • Stefania-Rebekka Symeonidou (Nachhaltigkeit und stud. Engagement)
    • Lennard Gottlieb (Nachhaltigkeit und stud. Engagement)
    • Lukas Lardinoix (Nachhaltigkeit und stud. Engagement)
    • Marc Haberland (Nachhaltigkeit und stud. Engagement)
    • Alina Meyer (Nachhaltigkeit)
    • Amelie Wolz (Nachhaltigkeit)
    • Maxime Metzler (Nachhaltigkeit)
    • Indre Milvydaite (Nachhaltigkeit)
    • Lukas Kaluza (Nachhaltigkeit)

Tel.: 0241 80-93792 (secretariat)