Department for Sustainability & student engagement

Julia Thyrann

I am Julia Thyrann, 25 years old and a Master’s student in Sustainable Energy Supply. I am your officer for sustainability and student engagement in the AStA and would like to give you an insight into myself and my work.

For the sustainability department, I am primarily planning to invest a lot of time in implementing the student body’s newly adopted climate city contract.

Another project during my term of office is to set up a swap shop shelf. This will give students the opportunity to hand in smaller, intact items such as books and small electronic devices and, if necessary, to take items themselves.

I also plan to be heavily involved in the Sustainability Days in Aachen to ensure that these days are successful and will be remembered in the long term.

Another focus is on strengthening and further developing existing structures and projects, such as the campus garden.

I see the opportunity to actively help shape the university as a privilege that I would like to pursue with joy and commitment.

If you have any questions or requests, or if you would like to get involved, you are welcome to meet me at the AStA or send me an e-mail.

Project managers


  • Jan Lukas Schmitz (Fairtrade, sustainable food development)
  • Alireza Mousavi (Campus greening / analysis, sustainability competition)
  • Florian Winkler (Ini weekends and credit points for student engagement, sustainability days, sustainability in teaching and campus garden)
  • Svenja Borgmann (Efficient energy and data collection)

Student commitment:

  • Orpha Fiedler (TdsI und das Ini-Weekend)
  • Marcel Merkelbach (Knowledge management and association consulting)
  • Vivien Kutz (TdsI und Canteen screens)

Telefon: 0241 80-93792 (Sekretariat)