The university should be a place of constructive exchange, international cooperation, joint teaching and learning.
This is not the case for all students, especially BIPoC, due to structural and institutional racism.

We consider the post by Mr Leupers, professor at RWTH, to be discriminatory and racist. His first reaction to criticism was not insight, but the statement that words had been deliberately chosen to be provocative. In the meantime, due in part to the great solidarity among the students as well as the university’s quick reaction, a deletion of the post and an apology were obtained. However, we do not consider the latter to be sufficient and also doubt that it alone will result in a change. Students repeatedly complain about similar incidents in connection with Mr Leupers.

Since steps under service law have already been considered, we demand:

  • Mandatory anti-bias and anti-racism training for professors at the university to reduce and avoid similar incidents
  • Insight of the respective student councils, the GSP, the ARS and the AStA into the free-form texts of the event evaluations in order to become aware of possible discrimination in courses at an early stage
  • High transparency and communication regarding the implementation of the gender and diversity strategy, especially with a focus on the teaching staff
  • Continuous evaluation of the status quo and the implementation of the gender and diversity strategy, as well as making any necessary adjustments and corresponding adaptations to the strategy

In any case, we do not consider it acceptable to expose students to people who make statements and hold opinions that are discriminatory and racist.

If you have had or witnessed similar experiences at the university, contact the Anti-Racism Office (ARS), the Equal Opportunities Project of the Student Body (GSP) and the Equality Office of the RWTH (GSB) immediately. We, the AStA, are also always open to your complaints. You can also report anonymously via the reporting form on the ARS website.

Your reports will be taken seriously, treated confidentially and followed up consistently.

We listen to you and advise you so that we can work out solutions together and enforce them against the university.