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GSP – Equal Opportunities Project of the RWTH student body

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You can ask for an advising appointment via Zoom.


Please contact us via email. Our advice is confidential and e-mails will only be read by the two equal opportunities project officers.

Consulting – We can help you!

Have you experienced a situation in the university environment where you felt uncomfortable or discriminated against because of your gender, sexual identity, appearance, ethnic origin, disability or any other characteristic?

We listen to you and advise you, look with you for solutions to your problem and support you towards the university! 


Throughout the semester we offer a variety of events on topics such as equality, sexuality and the prevention of discrimination.

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The Project

Structure, tasks and objectives

The GSP consists of two project officers and a team of volunteers. The project officers are elected each year by the members of the student parliament to represent the student body in equal opportunity issues and to represent it towards the university. In addition, the GSP monitors and advises the AStA on equality issues.

Raising awareness

In order to keep the student body informed about our projects, but also to sensitize them to equality issues, we regularly post on Facebook and Instagram through our social media channels. In addition, our events aim to inform, reflect and encourage students to discuss equality issues.

Anti-Racism Office
The Anti-Racism Office (ARS) is the new third part of the Equal Opportunities Project (GSP) of the student body.
The ARS actively promotes a critical approach to racism at RWTH Aachen University. One focus is on establishing a trustworthy contact for students affected by racism and all students/initiatives with a need to talk about racism. Another important objective is to raise awareness among students as well as employees of the RWTH.
Currently, the Anti-Racism Office is represented by Naila Khan.

Representation towards the university

The GSP aims to promote internal university discussion of equality issues beyond the work of the Equal Opportunities Office (GSB). The GSP aims to uncover and develop equality-related deficiencies at RWTH such as structural discrimination and to find solutions for these deficiencies, from which the university can then initiate measures to eliminate them.  


For questions about consulting or events, suggestions or requests for cooperation write to mail@gsp.rwth-aachen.de.

These mails will only be read by the equal opportunities project officers.


Hawraa Aldookhi
Equal Opportunities Project Officer

Sabri Gaaia
Equal Opportunities Project Officer

Baran Yenen
Anti-Racism Office

Group picture of the GSP with rainbow flag. Taken at the feminist fight day.

The Team

Sabri Gaaia (he/him)
Equal Opportunities Project Officer

Hawraa Aldookhi (she/her)
Equal Opportunities Project Officer

Baran Yenen (he/him)
Anti-Racism Office


Consultation services

Equality Project (GSP)

We advise you on the following topics:

Equality and discrimination such as

  • Sexism and misogyny
  • Racism and xenophobia
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Queer hostility (like Homo/Trans*phobia)
  • sexual or other forms of harassment 
  • Other related issues

The GSP is the contact point for everyone at this university who feels discriminated against, disadvantaged or unheard of in any way.

Of course, the consultation takes place in an anonymous and trustworthy environment.
What you tell us will not be passed on to third parties.

Other counselling services

Representation for student assistants

Representation for students with chronic illness and disability (VORSCHUB)

further advisory services by the AStA – Student Union

Equal Opportunities Office of RWTH Aachen University (advice on equal opportunities issues for all members of RWTH Aachen University)

If you do not know whom to contact with your request, we will gladly refer you further!

What does equality mean?

Equality is understood to mean measures which aim to ensure that all people have the same opportunities to develop individually and to be respected.

This is regardless of their gender, origin, religious affiliation, disability or any other characteristic.