This decision was made today in the mobility committee of the city of Aachen. The committee thus follows the recommendation of the city administration. The city administration had previously presented the final report on the Templergraben real laboratory.  

The continuation of the closure was decided with the votes of the Greens, SPD, Left Party and Zukunft. The CDU, FDP and AfD voted against the closure.   

Since 18 June 2021, the Reallabor has been set up on Templergraben between Schinkelstraße and Wüllnerstraße and the road has been closed to motor vehicle traffic with the exception of public transport.  

The initiative goes back to the student initiative Uni.Urban.Mobil. 

The permanent closure now lays the foundation for establishing the space as a long-term space for student and urban cultural and social events. There is also now the possibility of establishing a bicycle lane on Templergraben.  

We are very happy about the decision and, weather permitting, we will toast with you on Friday at the BierTemp!  


You can find more information about the project on the project page. 


(np, sro, los)