Reallabor: Templergraben

The Templergraben becomes (temporarily) car-free! On June 18th Aachen starts a test for 4 months – During this time we want to use the car-free Templergraben for different projects together with other student and city initiatives.

Why is the Templergraben becoming car-free? Within the framework of teh research project, the long-term impact of such a rerouting is to be determined and the effects on the entire city traffic are to be evaluated. The city’s overarching goal is to transform the Grabenring into a bicycle distribution ring. The Reallabor was approved by the city’s Mobility Committee and will run for four months starting on June 18th.

How do I get through Aachen by car now? The car-free Templergraben is part of the “closing the loop” of the Grabenring. With this concept, all destinations in the city center remain accessible by car, but through traffic is shifted to the main roads. In this way, the Alleen-Ring in particular is to be used by motorists.

Will the car-free Templergraben be used fpr something? Together with Uni.Urban.Mobil., the city of Aachen and many other student & urban initiatives we want to liven up the car-free Templergraben with cultural events and projects during this time. You can find some of these actions on this page.

Additional Info on the traffic routing and the background can be found at and on he webüage of the initiative Uni.Urban.Mobil. who initiated the project togehther with VCD and ADFC with a citizens request.

Events & Projects on the car-free Templergraben

BierTemp – The student beer garden – Every Friday – from 6 pm – if the weather is good

We are launching BierTemp, a student beer garden on Templergraben on July 9th. With a changing assortment we offer you beer, cider and soft drinks at student prices. All proceeds go back into culture and actions on and around the Templergraben. More Infos.

Fit for Dinner on the Templergraben – Wednesday – until August 26th

The University Sports Center offers a Contact hopping an d fitness class every Wedensday (starting at 5 p.m.) on the Templergraben. Classes are available for booking 24 hours prior to the start of the class. In addition, participants can drop in on short notice and join in by registering using the QR code on the Corona Warning App. In case of heavy rain, the offers will not be held. To the booking.

Learning break with the HSZ– Every Monday to Thursday -until 1st Oktober

The lecture-free periods are characterized in the student everyday life by learning-intensive examination phases, which the students spend predominantly in sitting, rigid and concentrated attitude often under enormous time pressure and stress. In small groups we want to get you moving. The is always from 11:30 to 12:30 clock.

Fit for Dinner auf dem Templergraben – Jeden Mittwoch – bis zum 26. August

Das Hochschulsportzentrum bietet jeden Mittwoch (ab 17 Uhr) einen Fitness Kurs auf dem Templergraben an. Die Kurse sind 24 Stunden vor Beginn der Kurse buchbar. Zudem können Teilnehmende kurzfristig vorbeischauen und sich bei einer Registrierung über den QR-Code der Corona-WarnApp mitmachen. Bei starkem Regen werden die Angebote nicht durchgeführt. Zur Buchung.

Juggling and unicycling on the Templergraben – Freitag – until August 26th

The University Sports Center offers a juggling and unicycling class every Friday (starting at 6 p.m.) on the Templergraben. Classes are available for booking 24 hours prior to the start of the class. In addition, participants can drop in on short notice and join in by registering using the QR code on the Corona Warning App. In case of heavy rain, the offers will not be held. To the booking.

Tech-Aachen – Friday – 10th September

From 3 to 7 p.m. Tech-Aachen sets up information booths about technical initiatives in Aachen on the square in front of the Super C.

Bicycle traning – Saturday – 11th September

It starts at 11 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. and the city organizes it on the plane tree square opposite the main building. We don’t have any more information. Just come by and get surprised!

Moving the walking tree alley – since June 19th

The Wanderbaumallee consists of several tree modules that can temporarily enhance the quality of life in public spaces. From June 19, the Wanderbaumallee will transform the Templergraben into a meeting place for people. More Infos.

Here’s how it works: Realize your own event or project!

You belong to a student or municipal initiative and would like to realize your own event/project on the Templergraben? Then you will find the most important information here to get your project rolling.

What are the first steps to your own event on the Templergraben?

As soon as you have a cool idea, you should write it down and think about what you want to do with whom at what time. You can see from the map below which areas have been released and who owns them (RWTH in red or street or sidewalk).

Mach dir als nächstes einen konkreten Zeitplan, eine Skizze mit benötigten Flächen und was für Ressourcen benötigt werden (Strom, Wasser, Toiletten, Lagerflächen etc.).

What is actually feasible?

On the Templergraben many things can be implemented – but not everything. You should first note that the road will continue to be used: Public transport and bicycle traffic should be able to cross the street unhindered. Closing off areas with construction fences or larger stages are therefore not planned on Templergraben: This would not be in the spirit of the Reallabor. So ask yourself the following questions:
– Does my idea fit with the Templar Trench and the Reallabor?
– Is the event on-site and feasible in terms of hygiene measures?
– Do I / my initiative have the capacity to carry out the event.

In addition, there are generally applicable requirements such as noise protection and night-time rest as well as, where applicable, teaching and examination operations, particularly during the examination period.

What permits do I need?

Health Department
Approval from the health department (due to pandemic!)

City ownes areas
General approval of the public order office

RWTH owned areas
Room allocation request to the RWTH Room Allocation Office (at least 14 days in advance).
Approval of the Kriesenstab of the RWTH Aachen (due to the pandemic)

Material (tables, chairs, beer benches, pavilions)
Beer benches can be borrowed from the AStA from July onwards, otherwise from the Fachschaften if necessary.
Pavilions can be requested from Fachschaften and AStA

Electricity and water can be requested through the Electricity Department or AStA, likely starting in July.

Who do I need to contact if I have questions?

The AStA Department for Culture is a contact point for questions concerning the Templergraben. Important: Events cannot be planned completely by the AStA, but we are happy to help with questions and assistance. If you have any problems or questions, ask early and try to do or find out as much as possible yourself in advance.

Who can help me with the promotion?

Once you have started your event or project, you should promote it! Usually a cool picture or poster with a suitable text for your own social media account is enough. We can also share your event via the AStA channels. Please contact us by mail or enter your event in our form:

If you need help or have questions about applying, you can contact our Department for Public Relations and Civic Education:

If you still have questions or need support with the implementation of your project, you can always contact our Department for Culture:

The project “Reallabor: Templergraben” is supported on the part of the AStA by the Department for Culture and the Department for substainability & stud. engagement.For questions, comments and ideas you can contact