A talk offered by students for students

You need someone who just listens to you? You want to sort out your thoughts? You need new ideas because you are stuck?

We are 15 students who are here to listen to you, to look for ideas together with you that will help you and to give you tips on where you can get further help. We are extensively trained in facilitating conversations and have participated in professional workshops on important student life issues (e.g. test anxiety, sexuality, grief, addiction, …). Diversity and openness to all people are a matter of course for us.

Below you will find current dates when we are available to you. We can meet in the counseling room of the Asta (Pontwall 3), on a walk or by Zoom. For a conversation you can assign yourself to a person below or find the right time slot with the right format for you. Depending on the person, the conversation can also be conducted in a foreign language.
All information and the conversation will be treated strictly confidential and everything is subject to secrecy.

Are you interested in being available as a discussion partner? Please contact Swantje Eibach-Danzeglocke ( or Matthias Fritz (

Dr. Swantje Eibach-Danzeglocke
Protestant Student Community Aachen
Matthias Fritz
Catholic University Community Aachen