In the period from 20.01. to 31.03.2024, all RWTH students can, at no extra cost and without any time restrictions, travel with

  • one adult person or
  • one bicycle (time restrictions may apply according to the conditions of transportation or house rules) and
  • up to three children (up to and including the age of 14)

The promotion is limited until the introduction of the Deutschlandsemesterticket and will therefore expire on 31.03.2024.

Please note: The take-along regulation only applies in the AVV area and on the train routes up to and including Cologne main station (RE1/RE9, S19) and Düsseldorf main station (RE4, RB33 until Mönchengladbach). On the RB34, you can also benefit from the take-along regulation. The AVV area also includes the cross-border bus lines to Vaals (lines 25 and 33), Kelmis Bruch (line 24) and Kerkrade (line 34) as well as the Arriva bus lines 350 (only to Vaals!), 44 (only to Horbach!) and RE18 (only to Herzogenrath!). In the rest of NRW or on the other lines/route sections in the Netherlands, free passenger or bicycle take-along does not apply!

Bicycle take-along depends on the conditions of transportation or the house rules of the transport company. Check these before your journey! Bicycles can usually be taken on trains as long as the bicycle still fits in. On ASEAG buses, for example, bicycles may only be taken on board from 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, from 3 p.m. on Saturdays and all day on Sundays in accordance with the house rules (p. 9, only in German) – but only if the bus driver gives his “OK”.