Information on the semester ticket

The semester ticket enables you to use the regional transport all over Germany without additional costs (only 2nd class). Furthermore, all RWTH students are able to use all regional busses and trains of Arriva in the South Limburg area with the semester ticket. In case any questions arise you can always contact us via E-Mail.

Update chip card Deutschlandticket

To be able to use your existing ticket from April 1, you will need to update your AVV semester ticket chip card. You will keep your chip card, but you will have to load the new travel authorization onto the chip card as an update. You can do this at the Deutsche Bahn ticket machines in the AVV area, at ASEAG advance booking offices and at the DB Travel Center at Cologne Central Station. On the ASEAG website you will find detailed explanations (e.g. also on what to do if you are currently abroad or in Germany but outside the AVV area). You will also find links to overview maps where the update is possible:

Video instructions

Area of application in Germany

The semester ticket entitles you to an unlimited number of journeys on all bus and train lines (RE/RB/S trains, buses, trams, light rail and subway trains) within the tariff area of validity of the Deutschlandticket. In the AVV, this also includes the cross-border lines to Vaals (lines 25, 33 & 350), Kelmis Bruch (line 24), Kerkrade (line 34), Avantis industrial estate (line 74) and Sittard (line SB 3). You can find more information on cross-border transport in the FAQ on the AVV website.

The ticket is non-transferable and does not entitle the holder to free transportation of additional persons or bicycles (exception: free transportation of children under 6 years of age).

As only the NRW semester ticket is installed on the chip cards issued before SoSe 2024, the chip cards must be updated. See above for more information.

Area of application in the Netherlands

RWTH students can use public transport throughout South Limburg with the semester ticket. This includes – among others – the train lines listed below, all Arriva city buses in the cities / conurbations of Maastricht, Parkstad and Sittard-Geleen and all Arriva regional lines in South Limburg. Among others, the cross-border bus lines are listed below, you’ll find a detailled map by clicking on the map below. You can plan your trip here.


  • RE 18 Aachen – Maastricht
  • RS 18 Kerkrade Centrum – Maastricht-Randwyck
  • RS 15 Sittard – Herleen
  • RS 12 Maastricht-Randwyck – Sittard
  • 27 Herzogenrath – Parkstad-Stadion
  • 43 Vaals – Simpelveld – Heerlen
  • 44 Aachen – Heerlen
  • 350 Aachen – Maastricht
  • 723 Übach-Palenberg – Mondo Verde
  • The ticket was valid in the dark red area before the extension.
  • The ticket is only valid on all Arriva buses and regional trains in the area shown in red on the map (South Limburg). You can find a detailled map by clicking on the map on the left. Arriva buses and trains are always externally recognizable as such.
  • The semester ticket is not valid on:
    NS IC trains (e.g. Maastricht-Sittard, Herleen-Sittard)
    TEC bus lines (e.g. from Maastricht or Vaals)
    DeLijn bus lines (20a, 45, 62, 63, 78; from Maastricht)

Sittard is the only station in the region with gates. These cannot be opened with the semester ticket. There is an information column next to the gates where you can press the “i” and ask for the gates to be opened. On the way back, you can ask at the Service Store, where you will be given a QR code to open the gate.

If you encounter any problems with the acceptance of your semester ticket when being checked on the train or boarding the bus, it is best to refer to the information on the Arriva website (in Dutch). The AVV chip card is also pictured and explained here – in a document issued by Arriva.


The ticket (chip card) is valid as a ticket and must be presented together with an official photo ID (this applies to both the German and the Dutch side). The travel authorization is valid for the entire semester – even during the semester break.

Bicycle transport

To take your bike with you, you will need a corresponding additional ticket for the transport association in which you are traveling. Some transport associations have restricted times for bicycle transport. ASEAG, for example, only allows bikes to be taken on board from 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, from 3 p.m. on Saturdays and all day on Sundays in accordance with the house rules (p. 9) and only if the bus driver gives his “OK”.
If you are planning NRW-wide trips by bike, we recommend the DB FahrradTicket NRW for day trips. For regular journeys, you are better off buying the NRWupgrade Fahrrad.

1st class use

It is not possible to use 1st class with the semester ticket. If you would still like to use it, you can buy the NRWupgrade 1.Klasse for NRW-wide journeys.

Important for first semester students

The ticket is not valid until the official start of the semester, i.e. October 1 or April 1. Please bear this in mind if you are traveling to or in Aachen before then. For everything before the start of the semester, you must either get individual tickets or use the Deutschlandticket.

Loss of the semester ticket

If you lose your ticket, the ASEAG Service Point will issue a new one for a fee.

Reimbursement of the mobility contribution

If you spend a certain amount of time abroad due to your studies, are exmatriculated before the end of the semester, enrol after the start of the semester, already receive the Deutschlandsemesterticket at another university or are unable to spend this amount due to social hardship, you can apply for a (partial) refund of the mobility fee.

You can find further information and the online application here

Helpful links for the semester ticket


If you have any questions about the semester ticket, you can check our FAQ or contact if your question is not answered there.