The Factory Festival – July 10th – 8 pm

You’ve had enough of canceled festivals and want a bit of spirit back? Then we have just the right event for you. The Factory Festival! We’ve assembled five local bands from reggae to indie to rock and nerd metal to perform at the Essigfabrik in Cologne.

We bring culture to your living room! The festival will be streamed on our Youtube channel on Saturday, July 10th, starting at 8pm. So you can tune in from anywhere. 

Featuring: Betrayers of Babylon, Horizis, Tempting Waters, Stowaways and Paroli.

Betrayers of Babylon

Betrayers of Babylon offer you Reggae and Global Groove from Düsseldorf and Essen.

The band, that are: Luks Gaedtke, Marvin Andrä , Simon Stiller, Noah Wiederhold, Oliver Reith and Leon Kunze.
Together they have set themselves the goal to be the “antidote to the widespread disease of bad moods”!

More information about the band can be found here:


Horizis bring you what they themselves call “Nerd Metal”.

The band from Aachen is united by their love for all things nerdy and incorporates this culture into their music.

Ramón Pfeiffer, Bastian Seidensticker, Alexandros Stylianides, Martha Wingen, Christian Fileti and Gianni Di Biase have released their first album “Heavy Lies the Crown” in 2019.

More information about the band can be found here:


Paroli have indie rock with synthesizer flair for you from Aachen.

Since 2019 Paroli make music together and let influences from pop to funk to punk flow together in their songs. The band leaves itself artistically many freedoms to make music that should be fun for them and their listeners.

More information about the band can be found here:

Tempting Waters

Tempting Waters bring you indie neo soul and mixed genres from the region.

The band has never settled on one genre, as the members come from a wide variety of genres and they enjoy the process of making songs together with different influences. 

More information about the band can be found here:


The Stowaways describe themselves as genre ambiguous:

“We’ve been throwing all the music styles we like and listen to into what we write ever since”.

Together the four guys from Aachen Juri, Amber, Fabian & Alex make music since summer 2020.

More information about the band can be found here:

Our Department of Culture is responsible for the Factory Festival.
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