Dear Student,

the corona crisis is also a financial burden, especially for students. Together with proRWTH, RWTHextern and the university itself, the action #RWTHhilft is to be launched. Scholarships of up to 600€ will be awarded, which should help you in this situation.

How it all works:

The AStA offers advice on the so-called social loans, which are given to national and international students. This interest-free loan can be granted in cases in which students get into financial difficulties through no fault of their own. Your studies should not be endangered by financial crises, such as those currently triggered by Corona. For example, the fact that it is difficult to participate in online events because your laptop is missing, broken or you cannot access the Internet is one of the circumstances that endanger your studies.

As a student you apply for your loan by sending the completed application to soziales@asta.rwth-aachen.de . The application form and further information on the loans, such as the maximum loan amount, is linked here.

We will then check for you whether a part of your loan can be taken over by a #RWTHhilft scholarship. If your application has been discussed you will get a feedback from us, if and how much of your loan can be covered by a scholarship. You do not have to pay back this part of the loan. At this point in the process you can still decide not to accept the loan if you have changed your mind.

If you have any questions about the application or the process, you can send an e-mail to soziales@asta.rwth-aachen.de or call us during our office hours and we will advise you and help you in all cases.

Social Loan

The AStA provides counselling on the so-called social loan, a loan which can be granted in cases where students find themselves in unpredictable financial stress without any fault of their own. The loans can be classified into short-term and long-term loans. Further information on how to apply for such a loan can be found under application.

As representatives of the student body, we want to offer support to all students, including those facing financial difficulties, so that they can continue their studies.

Therefore, the Student Parliament has appointed the Social Committee, a committee meeting in closed sessions to decide upon the applications after a conscientious and thorough review. Basis for their decisions are the Social Regulations of the Student Body.

Before each application, there is a personal interview with social affairs adviser during which all questions concerning the loan can be asked. We can also help you to find other financing options

There are no deadlines for submitting an application for a long-term or short-term social loan.