Preliminary study ticket

There are only two weeks left in the month, so by now the weekly adult ticket is cheaper than our pre-course ticket.

Week ticket adults:

Priceclass 1 Priceclass 2 Priceclass 3 Priceclass 4
24,60€ 32,60€ 49,00€ 63,70€


In cooperation with ASEAG, the AStA offers special ÖPNV tickets for the pre-courses (monthly ticket), as the semester ticket is only valid from 01.10. onwards. The pre-course ticket can be purchased by all participants of

a) a preliminary course offered at the RWTH,
b) the courses for the German Language Examination for University Admission of Foreign Study Applicants (DSH),
c) the preparatory courses for the test “German as a Foreign Language” (TestDAF),

who have already enrolled or are in the process of applying for a place at university.

Bridge course ticket

The pre-course ticket is valid from 01 to 30 September and is priced at the same level as the student ticket. It can be purchased from 29.08. from Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the AStA office (first floor of the Mensa Academica) upon presentation of the pre-course certificate, which will be handed out on the first day of the pre-course (cash or card payment is possible). The ticket is personal and non-transferable. It does not entitle the holder to take along another person or a bicycle.
Four price levels are offered (see table). Information on the price levels and the range of validity can be found at the following link:
There is also a price level calculator if you are not sure which price level you belong to:


Priceclass 1 Priceclass 2 Priceclass 3 Priceclass 4
57,60€ 78,70€ 109,50€ 151,00€


Möglichkeiten, wenn du von außerhalb des AVV-Gebietes zum Vorkurs pendelst:

  • 9€ ticket
    For the journeys between 29.8. and 31.8. the 9 € ticket is still unbeatable.
  • The use of the SchönerMonatTicketNRW without a pre-course ticket:
    The price depends on the start and destination. More information can be found at Under one can determine the price. For Aachen – Düsseldorf, for example, this is 314.80€ per month.
  • VRS monthly ticket:
    If you come from Cologne, you can use the VRS monthly ticket in price level 7. This costs 320,99€ per month for the connection Aachen – Cologne (this is the price in the DB-Navigator. There the ticket is 5% cheaper than at the ticket machine). Advantage here is e.g. a take-away regulation in the evening hours as well as on weekends. More information at
  • Use of the EinfachWeiterTicket:
    You can buy a pre-course ticket in price level 1 and then buy a EinfachWeiterTicket (6,80€) every day for the outward and return journey. If you do this for the 17 days of the math pre-course, you get 57,60€ (pre-course ticket PS1) + 17*2*6,80€ (every day two EinfachWeiterTickets) = 288,80€. However, if you take part in the computer science or physics pre-course for another 5 days, you will get 57,60€+(17+5)*2*6,80€=356,80€ which probably makes the monthly ticket cheaper.
  • One-way tickets to the AVV area:
    If you live only a few stations out of the AVV area, it can be cheapest to buy two single tickets (round trip) every day to the first station in the AVV area and then use the pre-course ticket in price level 4 (complete AVV). For example, if you are coming from Horrem (VRS), you can buy a one-way ticket to Merzenich (AVV), which costs €2.85 per ticket and trip. If you also buy the pre-course ticket in PS 4, you will travel cheaper than with the monthly ticket, even if you take part in the math and computer science or physics pre-course: 151€+(17+5)*2*2,85=276,40€.