Marc Gschlössl

The chairman of the AStA is the representative of the student body at RWTH Aachen University. He represents the student body vis-à-vis the university, the city, the state and the public in general. This includes in particular the regular exchange with the Central University Administration and the Rectorate. He also coordinates the work of the AStA.

Project Managers

  • Leon Wittwer (Fahrradwerkstatt)
  • Seraphin Castles (Fahrradwerkstatt)
  • Janis Afflerbach (Fahrradwerkstatt)
  • Mathis Müller (Fahrradwerkstatt)
  • Brian Kipkuruia (Fahrradwerkstatt)
  • Edgar Haustov (Fahrradwerkstatt)
  • Rafaela Louis (Fahrradwerkstatt)
  • Jannis Koesling (Allgemeine Aufgaben)
  • Justus Schwarzott (Bauangelegenheiten)
  • Svea Rescheleit (Recherche und Redaktion)
  • Saskia Wennmacher (Recherche und Redaktion)

Contact Telephone: 0241 80-93792 (Sekretariat) E-Mail: The first contact person for representatives of the press is the chairman of the AStA.