Teaching and examination law


Exam results define the success of your studies, which is why exams are part of everyday life at universities. As a result, there are some questions which are asked frequently:

  • What do I need to observe when withdrawing from an exam?
  • Which rules apply when retaking an exam?
  • What are the special requirements for multiple-choice questions?
  • What are my rights when reviewing your results?
  • How can I appeal an exam ruling?
  • What needs to be considered concerning compulsory attendance?

For faculty and subject-specific questions, the student councils are the first point of contact.

Consultation hours:

Please book yourself a ticket for the consultation at the following link: https://tickets.asta.rwth-aachen.de/RfL/LeBe/

Spontaneous presence consultation (for urgent matters):

Thurs 10:00-14:00

You can simply come by the AStA at the times listed above and take advantage of the counseling.

Consultation by mail at:

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Examination Law

You can find some basic information about exam law and answers to frequently asked questions in our short info. If your question is not answered in the short info, you can always contact us by mail.

Power of attorney for examination

In order to allow another person to view your exam on your behalf, you need a power of attorney. You can download a template for this here.


Examination regulations

University examinations are taken on the basis of examination regulations. These are statutes that are governed by laws, fundamental rights and case law. Examination regulations specify, among other things, the examinations to be taken, their type and duration, as well as the options for registration and deregistration and the possibility of repeating them.

The Examination regulations can be found here. At this point however they are only available in german.

Overarching examination regulations

The comprehensive examination regulations (ÜPO) are examination regulations that RWTH Aachen University has adopted in order to make the conditions for students in the various departments at the university comparable to a certain extent.

Leave of absence

There are several reasons why you can take a leave of absence from your studies. We have compiled the most important information in our short info.

Final non-passing

Many students have already failed an exam once and therefore know that the world does not come to an end. But what actually happens when you fail your third and final exam attempt?

Audit committees

Examination boards are responsible for examination matters such as recognition, objections and applications for hardship. There is an examination board (PA) for each degree program, consisting of students, academic staff and professors.

All information on this topic can be found here.

Appealing Exam results

All information on this topic can ve found here.