Examination Law

Exam results define the success of your studies, which is why exams are part of everyday life at universities. As a result, there are some questions which are asked frequently:

  • What do I need to observe when withdrawing from an exam?
  • Which rules apply when retaking an exam?
  • What are the special requirements for multiple-choice questions?
  • What are my rights when reviewing your results?
  • How can I appeal an exam ruling?
  • What needs to be considered concerning compulsory attendance?

You can find the answer to these and other questions in the Overarching examination regulations.

Disclaimer: This is a translated version. Only the original german version is legaly binding.

Who to Contact

For questions concerning exams your first steps should be contacting either your faculty student council or the AStA. If problems arise, you should get into contact with either them or us as the AStA as soon as possible. Both offer regular consultation hours and can be contacted by email any time. The members of the AStA responsible for examination law can be reached via the email address below or in person upon making an appointment.


E-Mail: pruefungsrecht@asta.rwth-aachen.de


Reviewing your exam

To allow another person to review your completed exam in your stead, you need to grant them a mandate to do so. A template can be found in the download section below.



You can find some basic information about examination law as well as answers to frequently asked questions below.