Education & University Communication

Alexander Schütt

Hey. I’m Alex, 26 years old, with a master’s degree in sociology. If you come from the environment of the Faculty of Philosophy, or if you are generally involved in university politics at RWTH, you might have seen me before. After five years in the student council of the Faculty of Philosophy and a few years in the world of academic committees – for example in the senate or the examination board of the Faculty of Philosophy – I have gotten around a lot at our university. I am currently your advisor for teaching and university communication in the General Student Committee. If you have any problems, requests or simply need to talk to me about teaching, study and examination situations or committees at the RWTH, please contact me at or come and see me at the AStA during our opening hours!

Project Managers

  • Aline Nüttgens (Stabsstelle – Prüfungsrecht)
  • Dominik Kubon (Lehre und Hochschulkommunikation)
  • Fabian Comanns (Lehre und Hochschulkommunikation)
  • Sabine Derichs  (Lehre und Hochschulkommunikation)
  • Paul Heuermann (Lehre und Hochschulkommunikation)
  • Maike Kolander (Lehre und Hochschulkommunikation)
  • Carolin Weyrich (Lehre und Hochschulkommunikation)

Contact Telephone: 0241 80-93792 (Sekretariat) E-Mail: