Analogous to the refund regulation in case of exmatriculation, it is possible for the students concerned to be refunded the share for the full months not enrolled in case of late enrollment in the current semester. I.e. first all program students receive a semester ticket for the respective current semester and pay the full fee upon enrollment. In the case of departure before the end of the semester, the exmatriculation regulation applies.
In both cases, the relevant evidence (e.g. certificates from the DIHB or the Student Secretariat, etc.) must be provided. Both cases are also possible in combination, but only full non-enrolled months will be reimbursed.

The application deadline is 4 weeks (28 days) after enrollment.

The applications must be submitted via the following online formular.

The application must be submitted by the respective date. This also applies if the attachments are not yet available! In this case, please write a short Word document that the attachments are unfortunately not yet available, but will be submitted by you later. You can then simply send them by e-mail to For procedural reasons your application will be rejected at first. However, this is not a big deal and can be changed later.