Anreise zur Prüfung

Sucht den Raum, wo ihr Klausur schreibt vorher raus und geht vor der Prüfung da am besten einmal vorbei, bevor ihr ihn am Prüfungstag nicht findet. Dafür kann folgende Seite genutzt werden.

Plant euch immer etwas mehr Zeit ein vor der Prüfung, weil immer irgendwas schief laufen kann.


Corrections must be able to be adequately explained, i.e. the objection must either be accepted or there must be a reason for rejecting it.

You have a right to a copy of your exam. For example, in the form of photos.

Reference:üpo [Übergreifende Prüfungsordnung §22 (3)] 

For examinations assigned to this semester, a new free attempt regulation applies. Students of bachelor’s degree programs can apply up to three times for all exams together that an exam graded with “insufficient” (5.0) is not considered to have been taken. The prerequisite is that the exam is part of a bachelor’s degree program and was taken in the first 3 university semesters (not subject semesters). Examinations are exempt from this regulation if the grade of 5.0 was set due to an attempt to deceive, a failure or a withdrawal without valid reasons or if an oral supplementary examination has already been applied for following the second repetition of an examination.

The request must be submitted no later than November 15 for summer semester exams and May 15 for winter semester exams.

Details will be published soon in the Comprehensive Examination Regulations. The following website of the ZPA provides further information as well as the corresponding application form:

Learning spaces

The offer of the open learning spaces can be found here.


Wenn dir ein Täuschungsversuch vorgeworfen wird, dann melde dich bei deiner Fachschaft oder beim AStA.

Den Kontakt zu deiner Fachschaft findest du unter: 

Problems specific to the study program

In case of conflicts with lecturers or other problems concerning your study program, contact your student council.  

You can find the contact to your student council under:

Exam deregistration

Is possible up to 3 working days before the exam. Later only possible in case of illness with a medical certificate (or positive test certificate).

The positive test certificate must be sent to the central examination office and to the person responsible for the module.

Note: Self-tests cannot be accepted, it must be an officially recognized test.

In the presence of unexplained cold symptoms:

A medical certificate or a current negative citizen test (not self-test) will be accepted as proof of clarification. In this case, you must cancel your registration by the start of the examination at the latest. Please contact your responsible administrator at the Central Examination Office by e-mail. In order for the deregistration to be carried out, the ZPA requires the following information:

1. name of the examination

2. date of examination

3. examiner

4. room/lecture hall of the examination

In this case no proof (e.g. a medical certificate) has to be submitted.

This regulation only applies to attendance examinations!

Exam results

The evaluation of an exam must be communicated after 6 weeks at the latest. 

Reference:üpo [Übergreifende Prüfungsordnung §10 (7)]