Infos Minijob

Infos Minijob

In generell, the job advertisements of RWTH Aachen University in the area of student employees (SHK, WHF) are minijobs.

Can I also have several mini-jobs?

Yes, it is possible to do several mini-jobs at different employers*, side by side. The salaries are summed up from the different mini-jobs. If this sum exceeds the monthly amount of 450 €, all jobs become subject to insurance. Important: Any other activity must be reported to the respective employer.

What is considered a Minijob?

Mini-jobs are marginal employment. There are two types of mini-jobs: 1) The €450 mini-job This mini-job is defined by the fact that it is permanent. The monthly wage may exceed €450 (for occasional unforeseeable pay increases of up to three months). 2) The short-term mini-job This marginal employment is limited to three months (70 working days) per year. This means that a further extension of the contract or the taking up of a new short-term mini-job is not possible within one year.