Infos Pension insurance

As a rule, the job advertisements advertised by RWTH Aachen University in the area of student employment are mini-jobs. Since January 01, 2013 the 450 € mini-jobs are subject to compulsory pension insurance. This means: The employer and you as student assistant each pay a share into the pension insurance. This means that while you are working as a student assistant, you already acquire claims against the statutory pension insurance.

How high are the pension insurance contributions?

The employer pays 15% and the mini-jobber pays 3.7% of the gross wage.

Can I be exempted from compulsory insurance?

Yes, it is possible to be exempted from compulsory pension insurance. This exemption can be requested in writing from the employer at any time. Attention: If you pursue several mini-jobs, an exemption from the pension insurance obligation affects all mini-jobs. It is not possible to cancel the exemption from compulsory pension insurance. However, it is advisable not to be exempted from compulsory insurance. Because with the contributions to the pension insurance you are entitled to full crediting of the periods of employment in the form of waiting periods and your earnings are fully credited to your pension, which increases your later pension.

How does the exemption from compulsory pension insurance have an effect on the monthly salary?

With an income of 450 € per month and a personal contribution of 3.7%, you have 16.65 € more per month at your disposal. 450 € * 0,037 = 16,65 €