Have certificates notarized!

Certified copies are often required for applications. Since the student body (the AStA) is an authority, you can have documents certified for you under the following conditions:

– they are academic documents (diploma, proof of internship, language course certificate, …)
– the documents are for submission to an authority (university)
– we can understand the documents (German/English or a certified translation is available)
– a copy of the document to be authenticated must also be brought along

What we are not allowed to certify under any circumstances are civil status documents (identity cards, marriage certificates, birth certificates, police clearance certificates, …).
For these and all other documents, please refer to the Guide of the City of Aachen.

You can have documents certified during the opening hours of the AStA until half an hour before closing time (usually Mon-Mid & Fri. 10-13:30, Thu. 14-17:30) in the secretariat.

If you have any questions, please contact our secretary personally!