Unfortunately, we have to inform you that the Campus Festival 2024 has to be cancelled.

Our cultural officer resigned on 3 June and can no longer organise the planning and implementation of the festival.
Despite the commitment of the students in the cultural department, some tasks and responsibilities would have been transferred to other officers, but they have already reached their capacity limits.
It could not be assured in good conscience that the additional tasks would be taken on. The decision to cancel was not an easy one, but the framework conditions have changed significantly in recent weeks.
The “Students for Palestine” protest camp, which has now been approved until the end of August, is also influencing our planning. These areas are also planned for the Campus Festival. Rescheduling would not have been able to solve all the problems.

All in all, these reasons have led to the decision to cancel the Campus Festival 2024.
We ask for your understanding. This was not an easy step for us either.
We would like to thank all those who were involved in the organisation and who are now understandably disappointed. We hope that a successor will soon be found in the cultural department and that we will be able to celebrate with you again in the future.