Application for reimbursement of the mobility contribution

The semester fee to be paid each semester includes a large part that is used to pay for the semester ticket. If you now want to spend some time abroad, are exmatriculated or cannot spend this amount due to social hardship or cannot use the ticket because you are not in the area of validity for a longer period of time, you can apply for a refund of the mobility contribution.
You do not have to hand in the semester ticket to us, but should keep the e-ticket for use in subsequent semesters.
It is important that applications for the summer semester must be submitted by 28.4. (23:59 ) and for the winter semester by 28.10. (23:59). Applications can only be filled out via the online form, for which you have to log in with your own TIM-ID.

In case of social hardship (see below), the remaining semester fee will be refunded in addition to the mobility fee. The form remains the same.

For questions regarding the semester ticket please contact

If you are looking for further information or have any questions, please have a look at the General Info.


Possible reimbursement cases

For special reasons, the student body refunds the semester ticket fee.

The application deadlines are 28 October (WiSe 23:59) and 28 April (SoSe 23:59). Applications must be submitted to the Social Committee of the Student Parliament and must be requested using the following online form.
The semester ticket does not have to be handed in and should be kept for use in subsequent semesters.


Reasons for reimbursement:

1. severely disabled persons with official identification, supplement and token

An exemption from the semester ticket fee must be applied for at the Student Secretariat. The amount does not then need to be paid. For the following semesters, the exemption will then be automatically taken into account.

2. severely disabled persons who cannot use buses and trains because of their disability

Procedure as in option 1, otherwise the entire semester fee must be paid first. A refund of the semester ticket fee can be applied for at the Social Committee of the Student Parliament by 28 October (23:59) or 28 April (23:59). Proof that bus and train cannot be used must be enclosed with the application. There is no right to reimbursement.

3. Exmatrikulation

Students who complete their studies can apply for a partial refund of the semester ticket fee for the full months remaining until the end of the semester. A refund only for the last month of the semester will not be made. The deadline for submitting an application is the first of the month following de-registration (e.g. de-registration 12.1 – end of deadline 1.2).

It is IMPORTANT that the application is submitted by then. This also applies if the exmatriculation certificate is not available yet! In this case, please write a short Word document that the certificate was requested on XX.XX.XXXX, but unfortunately is not yet available. You can then submit the actual certificate of exmatriculation later.

4. Late enrolment

Analogous to the reimbursement regulation in the case of de-registration, foreign exchange program students may be reimbursed for the full months not enrolled in the current semester in the event of late registration. This means that all program students will first receive a semester ticket for the respective current semester and pay the full fee upon enrollment. In the event of departure before the end of the semester, the de-registration regulations apply.
In both cases, the appropriate proof (certificates from the DIHB etc.) must be submitted. It is also possible to combine both cases, but only full months not enrolled will be refunded. The deadline for this is 4 weeks after the date of enrolment.

5. Leave of absence

All students on leave of absence must also first re-register and pay the semester fee. Those who do not wish to use the ticket can apply for reimbursement without additional justification if they are outside the area of application due to their studies or if they can show that they have been granted leave of absence from the RWTH. The application must be submitted to the Social Committee by 28 October/28 April (23:59). There is no entitlement to a refund of the semester ticket fee.

6. Not in the area of validity for more than 4 months

A refund of the semester ticket fee is possible if the student stays far from Aachen for more than four months per semester. The application must be submitted to the Social Committee by 28 October/28 April (23:59). There is no entitlement to a refund of the semester ticket fee. The semester fee must first be paid in full.

7. Social hardship

In cases of social hardship, a refund of the entire semester fee can be requested from the Social Committee of the Student Parliament. The application can be submitted at any time during the semester, but no later than the end of the respective semester. (WiSe: 31.3. and SoSe: 30.9). Proof of the financial situation, especially income, must be enclosed. There is no right to reimbursement. The semester fee must first be paid in full.

For your understanding: In this case, the semester ticket contribution is paid from the student body’s hardship fund, so the ticket of the student body remains valid and can be used in full!

8. delay due to corona measures

If, due to the corona pandemic, students were not able to complete their studies in the winter semester 2019/20 as originally planned, re-registration for the summer semester 2020 is mandatory. The semester fee must also be paid accordingly. There are a few things to consider when reimbursing this contribution or part of it.

These regulations apply to those students,

– who had to complete one or more examination papers between 13.03. and 31.03., which would have resulted in the successful completion of the course of study if the examination had been passed
– whose examination(s) was (were) cancelled and postponed to the summer semester. (first of all deadline 31.05., but this may be postponed under certain circumstances)
– who would not have had to report back without this postponement
– who immediately after taking the last examination performance have de-registered with the current date in order to receive reimbursement of the fees listed below.

The following goodwill regulations apply in agreement with the institutions receiving the contributions:

1) The social contribution for the Studierendenwerk is refunded in the amount of the full 88.00 €.

2) The student body contribution is refunded in the amount of the full 11.19 €.

3) The mobility contribution is not refunded in full.
3.1) In agreement with the transport companies, the partial fees will be reimbursed as follows if the student completes his/her studies by 30.04.2020 inclusive:
3.1.1) The partial contribution for ASEAG in the full amount of 92,81 €.
3.1.2) The partial contribution for DB-Regio in the full amount of 39.78 €.
3.1.3) The partial contribution for the NRW-Ticket is not refunded.
3.1.4) The partial contribution for the Arriva will be refunded in full amount of 5,00 €.
3.1.5) The partial amount for the Mobility Hardness Fund in full amount of 0,10 €.
Thus the reimbursement has a total amount of € 137.69.
            !! Here is a second possibility. If a certificate of exmatriculation with a date up to 30.04.2020 is available, a pro-rata refund of the entire amount can also be made. In this case, the refund reason “Corona” is not chosen, but the refund reason “early de-registration”. Here the total amount would be 153,75 !!
After the expiry of the deadline of 30.04.2020, a usual pro-rata refund will be made on the grounds of early de-registration and the amount of refund will be in accordance with the scheme of § 9 of the social order of the student body:
For 4 full semester months (until 31.05.2020) in the amount of 60%.
For 3 full semester months (until 30.06.2020) in the amount of 40%.
For 2 full semester months (until 31.07.2020) in the amount of 20%.
After that there are no refunds.
Where do I get my refund?
Refunds for numbers 1 and 2 are made by the Student Secretariat.
The refund for number 3 is made by the AStA.

What do I have to do to get the refund?
You can apply for the part of the contribution that is refunded by the Student Secretariat. You can find it here [].
For the part of the fee that is refunded by the AStA, simply fill out the form here [] and give the reason “Corona” or “Early Exmatriculation”.

What documents do I have to submit?
Students who are in the situation described above will receive a certificate from the Central Examination Office confirming this. You can either attach this certificate to your application (Student Secretariat) or upload it to the online application tool (AStA).
Please make sure that your current address is registered with the Registrar’s Office.

How long does it take until my application is processed?
We are also affected by the pandemic and work very thinly staffed. We would like to ask you to excuse a waiting period of up to 3 weeks.

It is expressly pointed out that re-registration generally requires payment of the full semester fee, unless an exemption from the semester ticket fee has already been granted before the re-registration deadline (usually only granted to disabled students). If payment is incomplete, there is a risk of de-registration.


The semester ticket fee is refunded in accordance with the social regulations of the student parliament. If you have any questions regarding the reimbursement, please send an email to or come directly to the AStA.