Dear students,

In the coming summer months, there will again be numerous cultural events organized by and with students. To give you an overview of which events are on offer, here is a list of events, roughly sorted by event type.

Summer/street festivals:

  • 08.06. Schau am Bau (Instagram)
  • 21.06. Summer party of the mechanical engineering student council (FSMB) (Instagram)
  • 21.06. Summer party of the student councils of faculty 5
  • 29.06. Augustinerbachfest (Instagram)
  • 04.07. Campus Festival (Instagram)


  • 20.05. Matinée concert by the RWTH Aachen Big Band and the FH Big Band (more info)
  • 05.06. “Jazz im Park” – Concert by the Big Band of RWTH Aachen and the FH Big Band (more info)
  • 07.06. Concert evening of AStA (Instagram)
  • 15.06. “Romance du Soir” – Concert by the Aachen Student Choir of the Catholic University Community (more info)
  • 05.07. “Louder than Karl – Metal on Campus” by Projektverein akademischer Kultur (more info)
  • 05.07. & 06.07. Summer concert by the Aachen Student Orchester (Instagram)
  • 12.07. & 13.07. Summer concert by the choir and orchestra of the Collegium Musicum (more info)


  • 15.06. “#WTF die Tuntenshow” by the Queer Project at the Aachen Universities (Instagram)
  • 21.06. “Rocky Horror Picture Show” by the Filmstudio (more info)
  • 27.06.-30.06. “Into the Woods” musical with live orchestra by Floodlight Musicals (more info)

Lectures/Poetry Slams:


  • Regular events on Thursdays such as “Pub Quiz”, “Karaoke Night”, “Paint the Night Away” or “Game Night” organized by the Representation of Foreign Students of RWTH Aachen (AV) (Instagram)
  • Events of the Community of Kurdish Students Aachen (Instagram):
    • 24.05. Get-to-know-each-other evening
    • 26.05. Movie night
    • 09.06. Art evening
  • 30.06. “Global Village” of AIESEC
  • 27.07. “Fiestas Patrias Peru” of Aachensuyos (Instagram)

You can find many more events in our calendar at

Have fun at these events and a successful summer semester!