Every exam includes an inspection. What your rights and obligations are during the inspection and what must be taken into account, we explain here.  


It is important to know that all students have the right to inspect their exams. Your examiners must give you the opportunity to view your exam again, so that you can appeal against the grade if necessary. Furthermore, you can only exercise your right to an oral supplementary examination if you have taken part in the examination (and in the best case have registered your supplementary examination directly there).  

You also have the right to make copies of your exam papers during your inspection. (However, you do not have a claim to a certain method for this).    

You must take a photo ID with you (e.g. your BlueCard).  

The minimum duration for the inspection depends on the previous duration of the exam. These times are listed in the Comprehensive Examination Regulations (ÜPO). This was updated in April 2020 and it was clarified that notes may be made and taken during the inspection.   

There is no right to a digital inspection. You can, however, hope for the goodwill of your chair and ask them for a digital inspection for you. If you are unable to attend the viewing, you can also send an authorized person to the viewing. It is important to know that the person representing you only has to show their own photo ID, not yours.  

You can find a form for an example of a power of attorney and all further information about the inspections in the ‘Guidelines on Viewing ExamScripts‘.