The abbreviation stands for ‘IDEA Leauge Students in Conference’. Twice a year, the student representatives of the IDEA League universities meet to discuss a wide range of topics that concern students across the universities. Lack of learning space, sustainable campus design, mental health and counselling services – whether in Zurich, Delft, Milan, Gothenburg or Aachen, there is a need to catch up everywhere and together many problems can be tackled more easily, also by learning from each other.   

This year, the English-language IDEALiStic took place in Aachen from 23 to 26 March. Topics of the workshops were ‘Quality of teaching’ and ‘Performance Pressure and Mental Health’. In addition to the IDEALiStiC, the IDEA Leauge offers other opportunities for students such as scholarships, summer schools, etc. (of)