Last Friday, the election notice for the upcoming student body elections was published. This year the election will finally take place in presence again, with the option to vote by mail. The absentee ballots can be requested soon and must then be received by the election committee by 24.06.2022 at 16:00.

The election will be held from 06/20 – 06/24/2022.

Why should I vote?
Once a year, you have the chance to participate with minimal effort and help decide what should be on the university’s agenda in the coming year. So by putting your cross on the ballot, you can actively help decide the future of RWTH! By the way: If you are interested, you can always get involved in various corners of the university.

Who can vote?
Every person can vote who is a member of the RWTH Aachen University as a student on the 63rd day (19.04.2022 – postponement due to public holiday) before the first election day according to the Basic Regulations of the RWTH Aachen University. Students who have not yet re-registered by this deadline are not considered members of the university for the purposes of the election regulations.

Who should I vote for?
Whoever you want! From now until the election, there will be more information about lists and people standing for election in the coming weeks. One thing is for sure: there will be many motivated students running again this year!

What will be elected?
Elections will be held for the Student Parliament, the Foreigners’ Representative Council, and various student councils (Fachschaften).

How can I vote?
You can vote in the election week from 20.06.-24.06.2022 -in presence- in numerous buildings of the RWTH. You can also easily apply for a postal vote, but it is important that the postal voting documents are received by the election committee by 16:00 on 24.06.2022, so that your vote counts! What the elections are about in detail will be explained in more detail in the soon to be published election newspaper.

For more information, visit the Elections Committee website:

If you have any questions, feel free to email!

(Saskia Schall, vice chairwoman of the student election committee)