Each exam also includes an inspection, but what are you allowed to do as a student in an inspection and what must be guaranteed? We have summarized this briefly:
Basically, all students have a right to inspection. Your examiners must give you the opportunity to review your exam and, if necessary, to object to the assessment. Depending on how long the exam lasted, there is a minimum period of inspection. These times are listed in the General Examination Regulations (ÜPO). A new version of the ÜPO has also been in force since April 2020. Among other things, it was clarified that notes may be taken during the inspection. As an important innovation, you as a student have the right to a copy of your examination documents. This regulation can be found in the General Examination Regulations Paragraph 22, Section 3.

During Corona inspections take place in a slightly different way than usual.
Normally you are allowed to authorize someone to go to the inspection for you if you are prevented from doing so. At the moment this is not possible, but if you are unable to attend, you must be granted an electronic inspection.
The usual discussion with the supervisors to clarify questions or to doubt evaluations is currently only possible if separate places with splash guards and sufficient distance are provided. Depending on the chair, you can still submit your comments by e-mail or on a piece of paper and will be notified when the chair has reached a decision.
You will need a form for follow-up for an inspection in presence at the moment. This form and the complete handbook for inspections during the Corona pandemic can be found on AStA.ac/corona.