As mentioned at the end of May, we also benefit from the 9€ ticket: Our semester ticket costs only 9€ per month during the promotional period (June, July and August). However, since the semester ticket is paid with the semester fee at the beginning of the semester, we students have paid “too much”. Therefore, there is now a refund of 70,96€ to all students.

  • For all those who will be enrolled at the university in the coming semester, the amount of money will be automatically deducted from the amount to be paid for the next semester fee. This means that instead of approx. 310€ only approx. 240€ have to be paid as semester fee for WiSe 22/23.
  • For all those who complete their studies before and therefore do not have to re-register, the amount (70,96€) can be refunded upon application to the Student Secretariat. The application form can be found at the following link:

At the time of application you must already be exmatriculated.

You are not entitled to a refund if you have already received a refund from the AStA this semester (e.g. due to a semester abroad).

We are currently collecting frequently asked questions about the 9-Euro-Ticket on our website at:

If there is no carryover to the winter semester 2022/23 as a credit in RWTHonline and if you have further questions, you can contact the Student Secretariat by mail: