The RWTH has decided that no face-to-face exams may take place until March 7th. This applies to both oral and written exams. Exceptions apply to medicine and already approved laboratory practicals. Exams that cannot take place are to be replaced with digital formats or will be rescheduled beginning in April. Alternatives are currently being created for students who cannot or do not wish to take remote exams from home with observation via Zoom. Please note that a registration for an exam usually refers to the rescheduled date and a deregistration may mean that you will not be able to take the exam. So stay registered for your exams as long as you are not informed otherwise by the lecturers. If you had to take a cancelled exam because, for example, you are about to graduate, you can submit a hardship request to your examination board. If you do not have suitable hardware, we offer a laptop rental service. You can find all information on current regulations at: