Are you entitled to BAföG? Probably not. Because the BAföG (Federal Training Assistance Act) has not held up well since its introduction. Over the past decades, the law has been hit hard by various federal governments. The result: a historically low funding rate of 11% of all students in 2020 (in 1971 it was still about 45%). And although BAföG is turning 50, there is no reason to celebrate.

In the Corona pandemic, the missed reforms have become unmistakable: students from the lower middle class in particular are falling through the cracks. For many, BAföG is not enough to keep them afloat. Others still have to finance their studies themselves without BAföG because they do not want to burden their parents financially.

We don’t want to accept this any longer. Together with the BAföG 50 alliance, the AStA of RWTH Aachen University is also demanding a comprehensive reform! You can find the exact demands at:

A petition is currently running, which will be presented to the federal government next week. You can sign it here: