Sustainable development and the transformation towards a more sustainable way of life have moved strongly into the social discourse in recent years and are steadily gaining in importance. Against the backdrop of resource scarcity, environmental pollution, social injustice and climate change, the need for sustainable and effective solutions on a social, ecological and economic level is becoming increasingly clear.

Universities such as the RWTH are not only educational and research institutions, they also play the role of social actors whose task it is to assume responsibility, provide impetus for sustainable development and set an example. This responsibility also transfers to the AStA as an integral part of the university system. For this reason, we want to promote awareness and commitment to sustainability among students and all other university members by implementing sustainability-related projects on our campus.


Sustainability Week

As part of the European Sustainability Week, the topic of sustainability will be brought into focus with a series of events on campus and in the city.

Campus greening

Campus greening projects are designed to increase the feel-good factor on campus, influence the design of our city, and increase biodiversity in urban areas.


Conscious nutrition has a major influence on a climate-friendly future. We want to contribute to this with projects around the topic of nutrition.


RWTH Aachen University is to become a Fairtrade University! The sustainability department is working to ensure that the university meets the necessary criteria.

Lectures / Workshops

With lectures and workshops on the topic of sustainability, we want to provide students with the knowledge they need to integrate sustainability into their everyday lives and raise awareness of why rapid action against climate change is becoming increasingly important.


We are committed to more recycling within the university. Plans include a deposit system and collection points for plastic lids and batteries.

Your idea for sustainability

Do you have ideas about sustainability that you can’t find here yet? We are always open for project ideas and suggestions!


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